• 1946-1950

    The outer section and approach section of the ferry wharf were rebuilt and consist of timber bearing piles supporting a timber deck.

  • 1958

    Construction of a stem wharf – which is the West Warf Terminal. Original wharf was 180 meters in length.

  • 1963

    Two dolphins were constructed at the eastern end of the West Wharf Terminal.

  • 1974

    Construction of a Steel shed as part of the East Bay Terminal.

  • 1980

    The rear section of the Steel shed structure was added making the overall structure measure 60.96m x 169.16 m providing 10,312 square meters of space.

  • 1984

    A third dolphin was added at the eastern end of the West Wharf Terminal.

  • 1985

    A steel cell was added to the western end of the wharf. The items extended the overall berthing length to 335 meters.

  • 1990

    The roof cover of the Steel shed was replaced.

  • 1999

    Wall ventilation and exterior lights were installed on the Steel shed.

  • 2006

    Transfer from Transport Canada to a newly created local entity, Port of Dalhousie Inc.

  • 2007

    Official opening of the Port Authority’s offices.