Key infrastructure partners showcase collaboration and capacity at Northern New Brunswick’s largest trade show

Port of Belledune, Port of Dalhousie, Charlo Airport to be showcased together at this year’s Promotion Plus Trade show in Campbellton, May 12-May 14th.

Northern New Brunswick’s largest trade show, Promotion Plus, is set to showcase the collaboration and economic development efforts of three key infrastructure partners from the region: the Port of Belledune, the Port of Dalhousie, and the Charlo Airport.

The cooperation between these organizations will be instrumental in driving economic growth and development in Northern New Brunswick. By working together, they aim to increase the region’s competitiveness and attract new investment and business opportunities.

Promotion Plus is the perfect venue for these key infrastructure partners to share information about their recent activities with the public. The trade show also provides a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with each other and learn about recent developments at each of the organizations. 

Denis Caron, Port of Belledune President/CEO  says, “We at the Port of Belledune believe regional collaboration is key to prosperity in Northern New Brunswick. We look forward to sharing the exciting developments of our Green Energy Hub with the public, and are proud to attend alongside our key collaborators from the Charlo Airport and the Port of Dalhousie. “


Port of Dalhousie CEO Chris Cochrane says, “The Port of Dalhousie is pleased to attend Promotion Plus this year along with the Port of Belledune and the Charlo Airport, emphasizing our collaborative efforts and the importance of our transportation infrastructure in Northern New Brunswick. We look forward to meeting everyone.”

“The Charlo Regional Airport is proud to participate in this year’s Promotion Plus event,” says CRA president Dave Montgomery. “We are pleased that our kiosk and those of the Port of Belledune and the Port of Dalhousie are strategically located together highlighting our commitment of working together for the benefit of our region’s development and economic opportunities.”


Restigouche Regional Service Commission President and Business/Community liaison for the Port of Belledune, Brad Mann, added, “The RRSC is pleased to see this showcase of collaboration between these essential infrastructure players. This type of synergy is long overdue and is a great indication for future economic development of our region.”

Promotion Plus is held this weekend, May 12-14 at the Campbellton Memorial Civic Centre.

Event Hours
Friday, May 12, from 5-9
May 13 from 10-5
May 14 from 10-5