Port of Dalhousie welcomes its third woodchip vessel of 2017

Shipment brings 2017 total to nearly 100,000 tonnes

Qing Ping Shen (Hong Kong)

Qing Ping Shen (Hong Kong)

Management and staff of the Port of Dalhousie are eager to greet the Port’s third ship of 2017. The Qing Ping Shen (Hong Kong) will be loaded with 32,000 green metric tonnes, en route for Turkey to be used for MDF panels to make furniture and other products.

Port Manager Chris Cochrane is pleased to see all three ships taking advantage of the Port’s state of the art woodchip loading system, and the Port team are looking forward to taking that momentum into 2018 and beyond.

“We’ve been able to communicate to our clients the value of shipping with the Port of Dalhousie, specifically the benefits of our chip & pellet process,” says Cochrane. “We’ve also delivered great results and performance to our clients in 2017, due in large part to the efficiency and flexibility of our infrastructure. That capacity has been a significant driver for us.”

Featuring a state of the art conveyer system, the Port’s chip & pellet infrastructure allows for an efficient and computerized management of the loading process. At 600 tons an hour, this facility is operational 24 hours/day when a ship is in port, and is manned by our experienced network of local stevedores. This system was installed in 2010, and can be operated year round.